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Eating is a big thing for me and something I skip doing when my brain gets jerky. For the rest of us, it reinforces the jerkbrains message. Im so angry that you have cancer; its unfair and I hate to see you suffering. Reasonable. If he is unhappy in the relationship, this makes him less inclined to make an effort. Hmm, this one is more what others have done for me. 3. I hate that its still so acceptable and so common to cloak these actions under the masculine traits of logic and reason. A big part of the reason I gave up running for four years is how much it keyed up my anxiety about being good enough, being fast enough, and my shame about how much strength and speed Ive lost since high school. Its hard to figure out what to do and how to do it in a way that supports them and helps them. If nothing changes, then its time to decide whether this is something you can live with or not. I hope that your boyfriend is willing to listen, and that he can eventually be supportive in the way that *you need him to be. While I didnt see any helpful scripts for the well-meaning partner in this situation, this post did help me understand better how she might feel. You have to like them for what they are (plus a +/- 2(?) Because Reasons? Remind you when I see its not done? My partner of 3 1/2 years has depression and anxiety, and sometimes I act as her monitor/coach/support person in some ways. It doesnt bother me because of how he asks gently, not sternly, the tone he uses, and because the rest of the time he demonstrates how damnably attractive I am to him. He had money and I didnt. Gastrointestinal distress. Also, are his goals for you actually about you or are they all about him? He ate it for lunch (everyday!) Dont be ashamed of using a coping method that works for you, just try and do it safely, and know that I will never be upset with you for whatever you need to do. He often works in the context of a committed marriage, where the couple really do want to stay together, but the skills can be used in any romantic relationship, even w/ if the goal were very clear communication rather than trying to save a marriage. I focus on how each time he does so, its a good thing he is doing, and I am proud of him for it. When I eventually gave up, it was because I was totally sick of being a smoker and I wanted to be a non-smoker more than I wanted that next cigarette. Talk to your boyfriend in a quiet, calm setting. Ding! Surely being comfortable would be one of the definitions of success??? So, I thought about it and suggested I could go buy him a bunch of veggies he likes and he could randomly munch on those when he had cravings. When you don't tell him why he might just brush you off. He picked being my boyfriend and shut the hell up when we were in the gym. NOTHING YOU DO IS GOOD ENOUGH! What the fuck? In hindsight Im so glad we broke up. Can you help me strategize ways to respond? This is an ongoing issue, and you have an ongoing resource at your disposal to work on it. Id still be loved (and unhassled!!) They're Cold To You And more than. For example, the LWs partner can say, Hey, want to play tag with me later?, want to go kite-flying?, Lets make smoothies!, Shall we tape sponges to our feet today and pretend were in a roller derby? or insert other fun thing here that gets the job done. And its also vanishingly unlikely that he can be moved out of the fixer mode. Trouble concentrating. If youve ever had that feeling of emptiness in the pit of your stomach, when you realize your boyfriend stopped making an effort to make things work with you, this article is for you. If he makes you feel like crap about yourself, then you will feel like no one else will want to be with you. Its okay to stay, BUT IT IS ALSO OKAY TO GO. Oddly enough, moving from a high-stress environment full of people trying to manipulate and fix me, and having a constant build up of pressure from JerkBrain on a loop of You promised you wouldnt, you cant let them down theyll be angry to a place where I was told Im aad that people bullied and shamed you, you have complete control of your own body and mind, and there is nothing to be ashamed of pretty much stopped it overnight. (ALSO he sounds like the sneering voice of trying to stop CSP behaviours once youre in the zone with them.) But now, he doesnt suggest doing anything together anymore either. Seriously. Telling me how logical he is. And he does this because he realizes that accounting for the emotions of other sentient beings is logical! He comes on strong. it doesnt extend to someone elses body/diet/etc, and EVEN IF YOU WERE OKAY WITH THAT or had asked his advice (and you do not ever have to), you still get 50% weight, which is the ability to say Thats nice that you think that, but Ive decided nope. This doesnt sound like theyre frustrated, and it doesnt sound like theyre experiencing personal distress. . Im sure your partner wants you to be happy and healthy and active, but why? Which is, when you get down to it, rather like juxtaposing a floor mop and a ceiling duster as binary opposites the opposition is purely circumstantial, there are more similarities between the two than differences, and quite honestly, if pushed, either of them can perform the same tasks as the other if theyre the only thing to hand. Would he be badgering you to give up therapy because you dont need it? Dont bring past grievances into it, either. Its that he doesnt care about Actual you. It really doesnt feel like he likes you. No one wants to treat someone they love that way, it just slips out when you stop viewing them in that light. They are not your child who needs to be emotionally spanked. Its more like, this day is shit, Im tired, but at least I will go do something in the gym later and that will be *different* than what I am doing right now. (snort) Sounds like Mr/Ms Relationships Take Work! had filtered that phrase through the English-to-Jerklanguage translator and was interpreting it along the lines of Relationships take work, so I can totally expect Commander Banana to work on not minding about the money zie owes me never being paid back, and am hence absolved of having to do any of the work of becoming the sort of person who actually pays loans back., I wrote in to CA a little under a year ago (letter #568) and was floored when I read your letter this morning, because there was a lot of the same The Helper and the One Who Needs Help dynamic in me and my fiancs relationship at the time when it came to dealing with my anxiety and driving-related PTSD (FWIW, things are a LOT better now, although it took a few tough conversations to get him to see how messed up some of the stuff he was doing was.). I dont think all relationships that arent in it for better or for worse and in sickness or in health are bad, but I do think that makes it a more casual relationship and one you shouldnt rely on. I also just wanted to reiterate, in case youre having difficulty with the argument but what if what hes doing helps me? If so, should I remind you in the morning? And of course if theyre dodgy they tend to do it in a way that seems sufficiently different from our terrible family situation to be very well at least they dont do X thing. (But again, I do think its an excellent tool to help evaluate a relationship.). And they dont need to be The Worst for you to decide you dont want to be in this relationship anymore. I might add that my husband wholeheartedly approves of this, and Im sure he does the same thing when Im not around. Or because his life would be easier if you were happy? Even when I was rebuilding my social life from zero, I was happier and more confident presenting myself as a person than as an untrustworthy and possibly unsightly appendage to another person. If you broke up and had to move out of your shared place, where would you go? Regarding being able to change people: LWs boyfriend is *technically* correct if he continues with his controlling behaviour, it will almost certainly change the LW just not into the the happy, healthy LW he is trying to sell them. So, think about how much of this does or does not seem to fit. Beloved Human is very into self-improvement, and that has sometimes inflected the way he talks to me about it. And while many of the attributes of that you do coincide with the you you aspire to be, it isnt necessarily a great overlap. This probably represents a big change in your ongoing habit of communication, so take it easy on yourself as you attempt it (but attempt it). I love math and logic puzzles, but I recognize that many math problems exist in a world with clearly defined rules and variables. But I do also think the LW is getting quite enough You should from their boyfriend. Belittling my feelings. You wish your boyfriend was as attentive and loving as he was at the beginning of your relationship. What steps can you take in order for him to feel less obliged and more willing again about making an effort with your relationship? You Police Their Food Or Body. Id been through worse. You will never be trying hard enough/doing enough, because it is not about you. Realize that you cannot change your partner's behavior. This is emotionally manipulative behavior. LW, I think the Captain has a very good point about how you should be proud of the progress youve made the fact that you know that you are a person who can help themself and that you dont need someone else to be your Life Mechanic is a pretty damn good place to be, and some people never make it there. Demand constant direct Snaps, video calls, phone calls and dedicated videos. If you were kind of hiding from them because you were depressed and have shame about how long its been, let it go. At all. Aside from that, by telling him that you don't like her will make him see your point of view. Hes drained; dealing with this depression has sucked his soul out, but he cant tell you that because as I found out pretty clearly in my depressive episodes, someone telling you theyre out of energy to deal with your chronic conditions just feels like your Jerkbrain saying nobody likes youso nobody will admit theyre weary. Yeah and also see direct quote/short version of him. Sorry for the mix-up! OP: it may be illuminating to think very hard about the actual division of labor in your household. We have no investment in that relationship, we dont feel the love they share. He would critique all of my eating habits (If I ate a piece of candy, he would yell about how it is full of lard! and I would sit in front of him and make lots of eye contact and say Tasty tasty lard. But in my mind, thats a world away from dismissing the idea of comfort altogether. (and having dated somebody like LWs partner in the past when I was severely depressive I really kind of just want to SHOOT HIM.). One way we help one another is literally asking How can I help support you on this? When he talks to me like that, it starts to cancel out all my confidence. The dissonance between everyone says exercising will help! I needed therapy, not just support, and his well-meaning attempts to get me active were grating and undermining to me. He sounds like a couple dudes Ive known in that he likes to be a fixer, which is not inherently a horrible quality in a person. I live on the other side of this equation. My partner and I take walks, and thats about as far as it goes at this point. (I dont think its as uncommon as people would have you think.). I dont know your boyfriend, but in my case, I had to say to my fianc outright that I already have a therapist who is doing her job just fine, and this was even harder for him, because part of his job involves providing therapy to students on the autism spectrum. Im so much happier now and I experience so much less strain in my inner life with striving to justify every little feeling and decision. It would gross me out to have someone trying to act like a parent. My ex did this. They are tools that we need to use precisely because we always have our biases clouding our judgment, and they help us cut through those to get to the essential facts. Ive been on both sides of the Have you eaten a food today? Without the receptive, captive audience, it isnt nearly as much fun for him. Why dont we call it quits, then, and see if somebody else might not make you happier?. I cannot get out of bed. And thats okay, too. He had a car and I didnt, and I didnt live near public transportation. Much, MUCH kinder and gentler he always phrased things as suggestions, and he would never say that something I said was the stupidest thing Ive ever heard because thats mean and also I would dump him. I hope you dont develop any new health problems, but Id personally worry about a partner who doesnt want to step up to helping you through the hard times. You know, thatd taste better if you gave it 15 seconds in the microwave., Ive asked him to stop trying to get me to change, that you cant change other people, but he refuses to accept that, to the point that he says its the stupidest thing hes ever heard. Luckily, John Howell has already worded it beautifully , (Ice cream, breakfast for dinner, weird thing you like that he doesnt like. A complicating factor is that there was probably a time when it was comforting to you for your boyfriend to be in that caretaker role and to have him believe so strongly in your power to change, back there during the worst of it. You cant change other people, and any coaching or motivating has to be accomplished with the full participation and consent of the coached. Now is *not* the time for someone to run a ledger of all your supposed daily transgressions and fuck the idea of the ledger in the first place. He is sorry he didnt call, doesnt have time, or that you never see him anymore. Encouragement. Exercise doesnt have to hurt to be effective. Thank you. It's no secret that men aren't eager to discuss feelings. I cant leave my house very much. Things are a lot better, although sometimes I (or my other partner) have to remind him. These are some questions many women ask themselves when they find themselves in this situation. But let me tell you a little of my story. I am so glad you realize that they are NOT your due. Being The One Who Helps gives you a bit of power and a (falsely) elevated self-esteem. I should have left him at various points throughout the relationship but I just didnt see how bad it was until I had the vantage of hindsight. You might find some helpful scripts for a well-meaning partner in this Captain Awkward post: Plus depression demons (aka Jerkbrain) will say things like youre being unreasonable feeling x about this situation, so it really helps to have CA or the voices of commenters saying actually, youre perfectly entitled to feel that way. Thank you so much. One person I dated who trampled all over my boundaries and was generally terrible would tell me that he was challenging me and that it was good to be a relationship with someone who.trampled all over your boundaries? . It was easier for him to say eat soup, no not that soup, get more cardio than say I was really scared when you got so depressed you couldnt get out of bed. And when Spouse or I are depressed, the other one will say Hey, lets go for a walk! And sometimes we go, and the Depressed One says I feel better. When I look back, I wonder, why did I ever even get in his car without making him tell me a destination? And because each route is different, its harder to get into the but yesterday I cycled faster/further/whatever competition with yourself or others. My therapist says (on a frequent basis, because Im still working on some of this): Should is a REALLY loaded word and occasionally Should is a really shitty word. short and sweet? The first thing you need to do is figure out what's bothering him or if he has a problem that isn't about you. what if what if what if?!?! Setting limits is an excellent skill to acquire. Nevermind the fact that none of my friends were actually offended at all, he just couldnt admit that he had a problem with something I had said. Feeling bad when you are in a stressful situation doesnt make you bad, it makes you normal. In hindsight there was nothing he could have done. All couples fight but if every single argument ever leads only to him feeling like you dont want to work on it, then that is definitely something for the two of you to discuss. Either way, his Train of Logic will crash into the buffers. Also the related ones of oh, everyone feels like that [i.e. Nine times out of ten, a person who self-describes as logical or rational ironically does not understand this, and a much better self-description would be someone so egotistical that I think my subjective preferences should be treated as laws of the universe especially by my girlfriend.. I just sit there with a BMI of 40 and a face like this . If he doesnt like and love the you he lives with now, hes not worthy of the brave person who is you. I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years and living together for 1. The boyfriend may well not be reasonable. This is poor form, and Boyfriend really needs to wake up and smell the coffee that THINGS ARE MORE OKAY NOW, BACK THE FUCK OFF, YOURE NOT NEEDED. Continuing to put in effort for someone who isnt putting any into you is only going to lead to more frustration and resentment neither of which will make either one of you happy or satisfied long term. All unsolicited helping has a certain degree of arrogance to it because it necessarily implies that the helpee could not get this done without you. ", But It is indeed hard. You know that he is flirting with those other girls, even if you cant see him do it. He was always enthusiastic if i learned a new skill, or developed an improved routine, or got a new job, but didnt hassle me when I wasnt improving. This means that if you purchase a product through the link, we get a small commission at no cost to you. And holy crap, the Silent Treatment? *cough* Nah, it just made me more sneaky and creative, what were they going to do, strip search me? *I do not recommend you use this tone, Im just naturally combative and I hate being told what to do. Then he was a royal PITA trying to get me back, because I turned out to be harder to upgrade than he expected again, hindsight! I personally believe strongly that relationships work best when your partner loves you and likes you as you are now, while also supporting you growing and changing to become the version of yourself you aspire to be. And really, your joy is important. And I bet if you looked at that guys life youd find plenty of ways in which he prioritizes his own comfort over a nebulous idea of personal growth, because he sees himself as Just Fine already. Thank you for the link. One notable occasion was when I got interested in a new industry and there was a 3 day workshop I wanted to attend. When your boyfriend just slithers away leaving you completely confused and broken hearted, it adds to the suffering. He seems to be sorry for everything these days. ! I dont want to invalidate anyone who found exercise very helpful in getting better, but the reason depressed people find people constantly mentioning exercise so wearing is it honestly doesnt work for everyone. And a partner who wants to opt out of working through the bad times would worry me. I usually agree with our captain, but this time I see all those scripts as an exercise in trying to change him into a reasonable boyfriend even as hes trying to change you into someone who eats her vegetables. Forgive me, but I get the feeling from your letter that its the latter. Most men and women are very different, and relating to someone who is very different from you takes patience. Tell Him Why You Don't Like Her. Former generations have never been as straightlaced about sex and love as they, or their descendants, want us to believe. In some cases, he may have forgotten how strong your connection was. Im going to read it again as soon Im done with this comment. Until he tells you what the problem is, just let it be. He graciously said that hed wait for me to get better, which somehow included losing weight, even though I never said anything about that, but continued to be, well, him, which was a self centered twit who wanted a wife, and not actually *me*. Unfortunately, who he is now does XYZ, and is unlikely to stop, so theyre both unhappy. Totally. And I think the reason for that might be that he doesnt understand depression AT ALL. This may, sadly, be a dump him situation. Things that actually help, like making me food, or cuddling me and telling me how great I am, or watching funny videos with me, or playing Who Let the Dogs Out (I dont care if its the Worst Song of All Time, it ALWAYS improves my mood). That does not sound like respect. It doesnt matter what a partner is interested in controlling, your food intake, your hairstyle, how much work you do, how much sleep you get; when theyre trying to control you and cannot seem to be redirected, it is time to take the advice of the Doctor. You need figure out what makes you happy, and start doing that. Hlepy is a word I learned over at Making Light. My ex was low-level abusive, (gaslighting, fake apologising then doing the thing again, blowing up at me when I asked why the thing I has asked not to be done had been done agan). WELL I WONDER WHAT YOU WOULD DO AFTER 20 YEARS MARRIED TO SOMEONE YOUD PROBABLY JUST BLITHELY DUMP HIM THEN TOO. this bit has me almost crying. Unfortunately, these storytellers dont get it. Yeah, this may be coming from a place of already focusing a bit intensely on food and exercise (history of disordered eating and over-exercise here) but to me this sounds like a recipe for mental health disaster. You may not actually want to be friends with her, but civility doesn't hurt. And will often ask if I want icecream instead I have been with my husband for 23 years, and he is chronically clinically depressed. Was there a specific moment where things changed, or were they gradual just something small at first but now taking up all of his time so he doesnt have any left for you anymore? This is another clue that the boyfriend isnt all that invested in the LWs progress toward real, positive change. Maybe I can step on fewer landmines by keeping it in mind. I agree with the Captains scripts! Not. And exercise does help me it does! Sometimes we are in love with the idea of the person and it makes you so angry that they are not that person. He stopped trying "He stopped trying, I couldn't even remember the last time we went on a real date. My father was an abusive asshole and Mum leaving after 30 years was the best thing she could have done (other than leave earlier). OK, so you took a walk instead of doing the cardio class; thats not great, but its a whole lot better than nothing is a way to keep score. Also, being logical in emotions includes: I feel sad, so logically I should do things that make me less sad, Im feeling stressed, so I will eat food I enjoy as self-care, and I feel emotionally drained, so today I will make fewer demands on myself. It is not logical to demand someone ignore their emotions. And when he lost a bunch of weight as a side effect of a new medication, suddenly all of his insecurities about it were transferred to passive-aggressively fatshaming me. Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give . Theres also the fact that you are depressed, at least for now (although congrats on making what sounds like a lot of progress toward improvement). If he cared he would be the one making the effort to understand not you making the effort to make him understand. YES! If he only does that with yours, thats not being logical, thats being a dick. Does he want you not to be depressed because it would be a good thing for your mental health and stability or does he want A Girlfriend Who Doesnt Act Depressed All The Time because that would be more comfortable for him? Your current partner sounds amazing based on that one tiny story you shared. I hope others have advice too. LW, I agree with a lot of the commentators that this may be an irredeemable situation, but it may help to tell your boyfriend what he can do to help. When I left my abusive family? A guy might do it, but he'll typically feel like a loser or weakling for asking for support or even talking about his feelings. Boyfriend is still back in the pre-treatment you have no idea what youre doing because depression has fucked up your brain thing and is still in triage mode. Do not copy, print, or repost entire posts elsewhere without written permission. If he reacts poorly, or if LW feels unable to give advice because he claims that means theyre unsupportive (an only-to-real double standard), then that is key information and likely points to the impending doom of the relationship. I will always be a survivor of sexual assault and emotional abuse who has depression and obsessive compulsive tendencies. My thoughts are with you, LW! And Im never one to turn down a good Jedi telehug, so thanks for that too. To literally hear them from an external source that would be really hard to take, and hard to stay healthy. What he meant to communicate was like Lets try this thing together! or Im trying this thing and Im loving it! but it came out as How about you do this thing? He was reluctant to agree to stop giving advice, because it was painful and frustrating for him to watch me go through depressive periods and be unable to help. Can you sock some money away for a rainy day? Maybe Im projecting too much from my own experiences because your boyfriend sounds like my jerkbrain incarnate (btw, my jerkbrain is interested in my eating and exercise mostly because it thinks I should lose weight, hmmm), but this letter bummed me out because it sounds like you are making some great personal progress and your boyfriend is sandbagging you instead of giving you high fives and wtf is that about? His only motivation to change is to stop you. At first, these negative aspects of our relationship were very minor. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. I think its easy for us to say DTMFA because we know none of the other persons good qualities. The Captain makes some good points about transitioning from one kind of relationship to another, but there are some really worrying bits, here. The hurt and pain are felt by both people involved, but if your ex regrets what happened, they might be looking to get a reaction out of you. What happened to the man who always knew what to say and how to make it all better? its one of the downsides of having a toddler he still needs decent meals to function at anything like a survivable level. Things like making tea or coffee and bringing it to her with her meds and water. He both wanted me to look up to him, admire him, and follow his lead, and for me to be a more confident, assertive person who dressed sexier, partied heartier, and loved to dance. "And if . Its like saying well, be careful not to be happy. Most guys will be nice to their friends girl, but usually not overly so.

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